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18" "Picstick" Picture Light


  • The Picstick is the highest quality picture light that illuminates art work or wall hangings in the best possible light. It offers tremendous optical performance while assuming a subtle yet beautiful profile.

  • A favorite of galleries and private owners, the Picstick compliments artwork with style and dignity, and adds great value to any art work. Like every Nessen product, it is designed to last a lifetime.

  • It mounts onto the wall behind the art work so that only the curved arms and the light tube are seen. 

  • Tube rotates 100° to control light projection

  • Hidden reflectors direct light at artwork

  • Bi-pin halogen bulb has retractable

  • frosted glass UV ray filters

  • End caps and internal fittings serve as heat sinks

  • Recommended for paintings 18” to 32” wide

  • Two 20W 12 volt bi-pin halogen bulbs included


Wall Mount


Two 20W Halogen Bi-Pin




4-½" H 18" W

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